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By Khemy Sonam Wangdu, Sir Basil J Gould, Hugh E Richardson

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Rxlels and thepalanquin for his journey. At that time, all men in Ziling under a certain age had received a military conscription notice from the Chinese authorities. The young Dalai Lama's father also fell within this age limit and had been repeatedly called up. In order to get him exempted, we called on the governor and the commissioner with a variety of gifts, such as brocades, bolts of woollen doth and so forth, and requested them to excuse him from having to join the army and cut his hair short.

T se~hogling T rulku and N gulchu T rulku sent a telegram from the head office of the Panchen estate requesting puja-offerings to be made to commemorate his death, these we were able to carry out at Kumbum and other monasteries. Then, on the arranged date, our party members went to Ziling to meet with Toman. Mter several rounds of discussion we mutually agreed ·to the following points: • • • that Toman and the Pilgrim Committee would deal with the governor cautiously and firmly so that he would keep to his promise and would not interrupt their journey by playing tricks of any kind, like dispatching his soldiers disguised as highway robbers and so forth.

It is in t}:le hands of our government to make the final decision. However, before any final decision is reached, a long procedure has to be followed, such as collecting reports from the other regions, consulting the lamas and deities for their divinations and predictions and so forth. As soon as this procedure is over, the government will issue a bulletin, which will throw light on the questions, such as whether any candidate from this region has proved promising in his test. If the answer is yes, then the candidate should be called for further tests here, or should be escorted to Lhasa.

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