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This absolutely revised version comprises over 8,000 phrases, expressions and terminology on the subject of the publishing and printing industries and allied trades. issues coated are papermaking, ink, printing and binding equipment, bookselling, typesetting, machine publishing and layout, copyright, modifying, commissioning, contracts, rights and digital publishing. Definitions are given in transparent, easy English, that means that this dictionary is ideal for someone in need of accomplished info at their fingertips.

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Build up / bld p/ verb 1. to create something by adding pieces together ć He bought several small lists and gradually built up a publishing company. 2. 99. buckling buckram budget budgetary control | budget variance buff buffer bug build build into build up bulk COMMENT: In Europe, paper bulk is measured either in microns (the thickness of one leaf) or by giving a volume factor which gives the bulk in millimetres of 200 pages of 100gsm. ). fm Page 34 Thursday, April 6, 2006 1:33 PM bulk buying softwood.

Bleed-through / bli d θru / noun a situation in which ink has seeped through to the other side of a printed piece of paper blind /bland/ adjective done without preparation or the relevant information blind blocking / bland blɒkŋ/, blind embossing / bland st mpŋ/ noun the process of stamping a design on the cover material without using any ink or gold leaf. Also called blind stamping blind carbon copy / bland kɑ bən kɒpi/ noun full form of bcc blind folio / bland fəυliəυ/ noun a page with no printed page number blinding / blandŋ/, blinding in noun blind blocking blind P / bland pi / noun a printed symbol ( ¶ ) which is used to mark the beginning of a paragraph blind page / bland ped / noun a page such as a half-title with no printed folio number, although the page is included in the total pagination of the book blind stamping / bland st mpŋ/ noun same as blind blocking blind tooling / bland tu lŋ/ noun blind blocking with hot stamps to give a dark impression on the surface of a leather binding blister / blstə/ noun a bubble which forms on the surface of paper as it dries blister pack / blstə p k/ noun a type of packing where the item for sale is covered with a stiff plastic bubble sealed to a card backing block /blɒk/ noun 1.

A set of various quantities of pieces of type in a font í verb to present a bill to somebody so that it can be paid ć The printer billed us for the author’s corrections. billing / blŋ/ noun the writing of invoices or bills bill of exchange / bl əv ks tʃend / noun a document that tells a bank to pay a person, usually used in payments in foreign currency bill of lading / bl əv ledŋ/ noun a list of goods being shipped, which the transporter gives to the person sending the goods to show that the goods have been loaded bimetallic plate / bamet lk plet/, bimetal plate noun a printing plate made of two metals, with the printing surface and characters of one metal such as copper on a chromium or steel base bin /bn/ noun 1.

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