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Love in this context is not a purely emotive experience but has embedded in it a cognitive element which can be characterised as 'insight'. The desire to share our value-experience is basically of the same genre as the desire to share our cognitive experience. Both spring from the conviction that we are right and from a sort of felt obligation to help others out of their error. , p. 211. 12 CURRENT TRENDS IN INDIAN PHILOSOPHY would be morally wrong—except in totalitarian ethics. A. Campbell, on the other hand, maintains that there is an absolutely vital distinction between our value-reaction to the value of moral virtue and our value-reaction to any other value whatsoever.

IX, (Ed. Gans), p. 229,441. 7 It is generally acknowledged that Russia belongs to the noh-Western world as the forces that moulded it and the traditions it inherited were not those which shaped the West. •Communism itself is a Western ideology which owes its development to Western thinkers. Nothing in Russian civilization could by itself have originated it. 9 In postwar years Soviet; economy expanded at something like 1J times the rate of American economy. H. L. Roberts, Russia and America : Dangers and Prospects, New York, 1956.

4) The genius of India is to achieve a synthesis of cultures, civilizations and philosophies ; in Indian history such syntheses were achieved in the past. (5) The culture and philosophy of India are predominantly spiritual, while those of the West are materialistic. The present task is to achieve a synthesis of these two. (6) The political vicissitudes of India were due to ignoring the positivistic and activistic component of Indian thought, such as that contained in the Gita. f Exponents of the Vedanta in Indian Universities in the twentieth century have hardly done anything more than to work out these ideas and suggestions.

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