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By Amitabh Joshi

This publication offers a complete creation to the theoretical and experimental reports of atomic optical bistability and multistability, and their dynamical homes in structures with - and three-level inhomogeneously-broadened atoms within an optical hollow space. through using the transformed linear absorption and dispersion, in addition to the vastly stronger nonlinearity within the three-level electromagnetically triggered transparency approach, the optical bistablity and effective all-optical switching will be accomplished at particularly low laser powers, which are good managed and manipulated. in the past, the speedy fee of development in purposes of multilevel structures in cross-disciplinary box has made it tricky to novices to the sphere to procure a huge assessment of this subject. This monograph will serve the aim.

Readership: Graduate scholars, researchers and teachers in optical physics.

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There is another approach to study such EIT using probability amplitudes for the energy states. Both of these approaches give identical final results [66-68]. A. 9(a)). The atomic transition |1 → |2 , with transition frequency ω21 , interacts with the probe laser having frequency ωP . The other atomic transition |2 ↔ |3 , with transition frequency ω23 , interacts with the coupling laser of frequency ωC . The laser frequency detunings for the probe and coupling transitions are ∆P = ωP − ω21 and ∆C = ωC − ω23 , respectively.

37). The most obvious effect is the suppression of cavity transmission when the atomic medium is highly absorptive at a cavity resonant frequency. , dn/dω = 0, in the atomic medium causes nearby cavity resonant frequencies to be shifted. The interesting phenomena arising out of such composite system of atomic medium inside the optical cavity include optical bistability and related effects which will be discussed in following chapters. Normally, to observe optical bistability one needs feedbacks of optical radiation to the intracavity nonlinear medium, which can be provided by the optical cavity.

In semiclassical picture of atom-field interaction, coherence is directly related to the oscillating electric dipole due to the interaction of coupling field with a pair of quantum states. If the oscillating dipole can be excited in several different ways, an interference arises between several such contributions to this dipole. The total electric dipole then can be found by summing over all these contributions and that provides the explanation of EIT similar to what is done to understand Fano interference in autoionization [4,63].

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