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By Padmanabh S. Jaini

During this quantity, a significant other to the author`s accrued Papers on Jaina reports, twenty-nine of his articles, encompassing a few 40 years of analysis on quite a few aspects of Buddhism, were introduced jointly for the 1st time. They disguise a variety of subject matters together with comparative stories with Jainism, issues of controversy inside of Abhidharma, the Bodhisattva profession of Maitreya in line with narratives from the Jatakas and Mahayana Sutras, and choices from Buddhist ritual texts.

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In 1892 he published, for the first time, the first chapter of the Buddhacarita and in the same year discovered two Chinese translations of the Milindapaiiha. e Nepal. In 1907 he wrote a critical study of the Divyavadana and, in 1911, published fragment<; of Buddhist texts in the Kuchean language. In 1912 he wrote an important work on the Dhammapada recensions. IQarika in the Tokharian language. In 1918 he brought out with Th. ;irtha and in the following year he discovered the Nairatrnya-pariprccha.

1. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. lO. thuta-ntttikyiina". rn baTflbhana-samaniina". ca siidhu diine. piinaTUJ". bhe siidhu. apavayatii apabhaTfl4atii siidhu. S. Murti and AN. K. layangar. ed. , Edicts of Asoka (Rock Edict JIT). The Adyar Library. 1951. heva". iinapayile mamayii. .. matalii savaiokahi/enii. yo". ca hi". ci paiakamami haka". hili 7 bhiltiina". aTUJniya". yeha". hida ca luini suhhiiyiimi palata eli svaguJfl iiliidhayitu ... Rock Edict VII, Ibid. acchariya". vata bho. llata bho. puniiiiTUJ".

Na kukkU/(iSUkarii hanni",su. na vividhii prl1,lii sanghiilal'{l fipajji",su, na rukkhti chijji",su yupalthiiya, na dabbhii lUyi",su barihisallhiiya. y. ssfi Ii vii icammakaTfl Ii vii Ii! hi'F'SU na ta", akal'{lSu. 'i. Dlghanikiiya, I. p. 136; Tr. W. , I, p. 180. , 18. 19. 20. 21. 24 BUDDHIST STUDIES 22. .. sabbe pi Ie sukhitii jiitii; imina kammena mayha". sukhadiiyakma puiiiiakammena bhavitabban ti... Dhammapada-Allhakathii, I, p. 266. PaIi Text Society. 1914. Tr. W. Burlingame, Buddhist Legends, Part I.

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