New PDF release: Change of Heart: The Bodhisattva Peace Training of Chagdud

By Chagdud Tulku, Lama Shenpen Drolma

This e-book is when you are looking to swap - their hearts, their minds, the realm. it's a advisor, a guide of easy, available, and quietly progressive steps that people can take to remodel their lives and the lives of others. On no matter what point the lessons offered listed below are utilized - from the intimate sphere of non-public adventure, to the advanced dynamics of family members, neighborhood, nationwide or even diplomacy - they'll lead infallibly towards success and peace.

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The universe is full of things we can learn. But we don’t have the time to learn everything, nor do we need to. Instead, we can choose to train in what is essential. No matter what your spiritual tradition, focus your intention on how the university can help nurture, in both students and faculty members, the basic human qualities of wisdom, compassion, and ability to benefit, for the good of the university and soci­ ety at large. In the Buddhist tradition, pure motivation is considered so crucial that teachers start every lecture by stressing its impor­ tance.

How can you help? How can you repay such kindness? Expand this meditation by degrees to encompass an ever-greater number of beings. Then make the aspira­ tion to repay their kindness. Eventually, you will be able to see all beings as having been your mother. DEVELOPING EQUANIMITY THROUGH CONTEMPLATION AND RELAXATION This meditation, explained more thoroughly in Chap­ ter 11, can help you deepen and integrate your under­ 44 EQUANIMITY standing of any of the teachings we’ve discussed. Here it is presented in the context of equanimity.

Wisdom includes a range of knowing—from the intellect’s ability to learn, change, and mature, to omniscience and the realization of our true nature. We all have access to compas­ sion and loving kindness to different degrees; no one is totally devoid of them. Most people find it easy to love their chil­ dren, friends, parents, or those close to them. Others have a larger vision that includes the desire to end the suffering of all beings. Increasing our love and compassion can be a goal for all of us, regardless of our spiritual tradition.

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