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By Eros Dimitriou, Marco Petralia

During this textual content, fabrication procedures of particle bolstered ceramic are brought, which supply an invaluable set of variables for version experimental and theoretical stories. Toughening mechanisms of particle dispersion strengthened ceramic matrix composites also are mentioned.

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This is most enhanced at high fiber volume fractions because this consistency does not allow enough volume of resin for the complete wetting and embedding of every single fiber. On the other hand, the tensile modulus for specimens with original and treated fibers remain almost unchanged as shown in Figure 11. This suggests that the fracture mechanism of those specimens involves crack propagation through the epoxy resin. In order to further explore the effect of the observed improvement on the adhesive bonding between treated aramid fibers and the epoxy matrix, the flexural properties were recorded by performing the three-point bending test.

6% w/w) does not appear capable of contributing to their flexural strength characteristics, despite the higher modulus of phenolic resins as compared to epoxies. 5%) of those resins in the mixture. 370 350 Flexural Strength (MPa) 330 310 290 270 250 230 210 Untreated aramid fiber composites 190 Chloride treated aramid fiber composites Novolac-coated fiber composites 170 Resole-coated fiber composites 150 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 Fiber Volume Fraction, Vf (%) 40 42 44 46 Figure 12. The flexural strength of aramid fiber composites as a function of fiber content.

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