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By Nicole M. Le Douarin (auth.), Ira B. Black (eds.)

A critical challenge in neurobiology issues mechanisms that generate the professional­ discovered range and specificity of the worried approach. what's the substance of diversification and specificity on the molecular, mobile, and platforms degrees? four How, for instance, do 1011 neurons each one shape nearly 10 interconnec­ tions, permitting general physiological functionality? How does disruption of those techniques lead to human affliction? those lawsuits signify the efforts of molecular biologists, embryologists, neurobiologists, and clinicians to technique those concerns. during this quantity are grouped by means of topic to provide the kinds The chapters of tools used to procedure every one person quarter. part I bargains with embry­ ogenesis and morphogenesis of the fearful method. In bankruptcy three, Weston and colleagues describe using monoclonal antibodies that realize particular neuronal epitopes (including particular gangliosides) for the aim of defining heterogeneity within the neural crest, an enormous version procedure. Immunocyto­ chemical research finds the life of unique sUbpopulations in the crest at tremendous early levels; cells convey neuronal or glial binding styles on the time of migration. for that reason, interactions with the surroundings could choose for predetermined populations. Le Douarin reaches comparable conclusions in bankruptcy 1 by means of studying migratory pathways and developmental potentials in crest of quail-

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Diagram summarizing the results of back-transplantation experiments involving sensory and autonomic ganglia at various ages. , in 5-day quail DRG. (AM) Adrenal medulla; (Ch) notochord; (EG) enteric ganglion; (NT) neural tube; (Sy G) sympathetic ganglion. of a younger host. The most desirable test in this instance would be the transplantation into selected regions of a chick host of single quail cells taken either from the neural-crest or ganglion-cell populations. The hypothesis presented above may be tested by determining whether glia plus neurons are derived from these precursor sources.

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