Cashew Nut Shell Liquid: A Goldfield for Functional - download pdf or read online

By Parambath Anilkumar

This ebook highlights and reports the renewable feed inventory precept of eco-friendly nanotechnology by means of focusing using plant-derived cardanol as a renewable beginning fabric for the synthesis of complicated fabrics. The e-book provides the chemistry of cardanol and techniques of isolation, covers macro and nano buildings in response to cardanol in addition to capability purposes of such fabrics. destiny views on cardanol established eco-friendly nanotechnology are highlighted within the ultimate chapter.

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Dworakowska S, Cornille A, Bogdał D, Boutevin B, Caillol S (2015) Formulation of biobased epoxy foams from epoxidized cardanol and vegetable oil amine. Gour RS, Kodgire VV, Badiger MV (2016) Toughening of epoxy novolac resin using cardanol based flexibilizers. Greco A, Brunetti D, Renna G, Mele G, Maffezzoli A (2010) Plasticizer for poly(vinyl chloride) from cardanol as a renewable resource material. Guo YC, Mele G, Martina F, Margapoti E, Vasapollo G, Xiao WJ (2006) An efficient route to biscardanol derivatives and cardanol-based porphyrins via olefin metathesis.

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Mele et al. 3 Benzoxazines from Cardanol and Structural Analog Components Deriving from CNSL Benzoxazines are fused benzoheterocycles containing N and O heteroatoms synthesized through Mannich-like condensation of a phenol, formaldehyde, and amine. Of course, the syntheses of benzoxazines starting from renewable organic raw materials deserve particular attention of both academic and industrial research. Cardanol and related compounds deriving from the cashew nut shell liquid— through a condensation reaction involving the aromatic ring—are suitable precursors of benzoxazines.

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