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Chronological information is included not just at the beginning or end of the ruler’s reign, but for many years. The narrative is also particularly terse, with a predominantly militaristic focus. g. Alulim ruled 28,000 years: ANET 265c). The Weidner Chronicle (COS i. 468–70) describes how the fate of kings depends upon whether or not they honor the god Marduk, but it includes little formulaic information. While some parallel features are found in ANE sources, particularly regnal years, the book of Kings’ combination of formulaic information and narrative is unique.

E. 47 A similar phenomenon occurs with Mephibosheth, who is referred to both as lfaW¯ wb` wv¸n¸Fej´¯ wb` , ‘the son of Jonathan the son of Saul’ (2 Sam. 21: 7), and ˝also simply as lfaW ¯ wb` , ˝ ‘the son of Saul’ (2 Sam. 48 Jonathan is excluded in the second patronymic because of Saul’s greater prominence. Mephibosheth’s royal lineage is emphasized in the shortened version. Therefore, while Jehoshaphat was most likely Jehu’s father, Nimshi appears to be more important. A possible reason for Nimshi’s greater prominence can be found in Assyrian sources which link Jehu to Omri.

38. 120 A is the logogram for aplu which is often used synonymously for ma¯r (DUMU). 121 Grayson 1996: 205, ll. 11, 17–18. Righteous Jehu 39 Likewise, in the northern Syrian dynasty of Agusi the term ma¯r is used relationally. 129 Cogan and Tadmor conclude Mati’il is the son or grandson of Atar-sumki (1988: 151 n. 4). Thus, within this non-Assyrian dynasty, one observes that ma¯r-PN is used for sons (Aramu, Atarsumki) as well as for a descendant (Mati’il). 132 The Wrst reference to Israel as ‘the land of the house of Omri’ was after Tiglath-pileser III defeated them and installed Hoshea as king.

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