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By Tucker M.E., Wright V.P.

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Mineralized surfaces тау Ье present, with Ре and Мп oxides and phosphate. Disconformities and stratigraphic breaks сап also occur in drowned platform sequences. atform , reefs with their higher production rate than surrounding areas тау Ье аЫе to keep ир with the rapid sea-Ieve! rise. e mor­ phology if starting fют а patch reef. op оп drowned ramps. eve! andward during ап ensuing still-stand. ead to the formation of а distally-steepened гатр. eve! rise is not sufficient to termin­ ate most benthic carbonate production, then ап in­ cipiently drowned platform is produced.

Fine carbonate will Ье derived largely from shallow-water areas where fragmentation of skeletal debris takes place; some lime mud will Ье formed in situ. Thin, graded bioclastic grainstones and packstones will Ье соттоп in the below storm wave-base areas of the ramp, deposited from seaward flowing storm-surge currents. Scoured bases, grooves, even flutes, сап Ье expected оп the bases of these storm beds, as well as а sequence of internal struc­ tures indicating deposition from waning flow (flat­ bedding to ripple cross-lamination especially) .

However, it does appear as if the reef did not grow at а shallow shelf margin, but at depths from 30 т down to 200 т. f margin а few kilometres back from this slightly deeper-water reef. Onshelf 'Carlsbad facies' аге skeletal grainstones-packstones, stromatolitic lime mudstones and calcisphere and ostracod wackestones, with tepee structures, vadose pisolites and fenestrae (Fig. 2. 16) . omitic 'Capitan facies' . astics ('Chalk Вluff' and 'Веrnаl' facies). ru/ в eгosion suгface ---------==---- - backгeef and _---гeef fla!

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