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By Haicheng Ling

This e-book, divided into 5 components, explains the starting place and unfold of the faith all through China. It additionally explains the 3 branches of Buddhism; "the Pali, Han and Tibetan"¡and their affects on either old and modern day China.

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King Yao Xing gathered more than 800 people including the then noted monks such as Hui Guan, Daosheng, Daorong and Sengzhao to re-translate Buddhist sutras. D. Kumarajiva translated 35 major sutras in 294 volumes. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. e. Vimalakirti Sutra and Dasabhumikavibhasa. Before Kumarajiva died, he proclaimed that if his translation was in accord with the genuine principles of Buddhism, his tongue would be intact and not turn to ash. After incineration of his body, the tongue was found to remain intact.

In the eastern side o f the temple,there is a big pine tree and by it was a tablet in which the words "Pine for Six Dynasties” are engraved. It is said that the tree was planted by Hui Yuan in person. On the hill behind the Donglin Temple, there is an upper pagoda. It is said that five pieces o f the bones o f the Buddha brought back by Buddhabhadra (359429) are kept there. Down 51 O Xuanzhong Temple in Shanxi. the hill, there is a lower pagoda or Yanmen pagoda as it is called. It is the burial place of Hui Yuan.

The main hall of the temple was burned down during the years of Emperor Guang Xu of the Qing Dynasty. Since then, it was left in disrepairs and abandoned. In 1937, the temple was robbed and thrown into even worse plight. There was only the Tianwang Hall and some dilapidated rooms for monks were left in 1949. After 1954, the Chinese cultural relics department appropriated money on six occasions for repairing and rebuilding the temple. Preserved in the tempie are tablets of the northern Wei, Northern Qi (564 ), Tang and Yuan dynasties.

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