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By Gerald David Clayton

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Alter 1838,it grew lapidly. In 1887,Britain came fflth (behindGreece,Sardinio,Aust a and Russie)in numberof shios / 7$ PALMERSTON'S POLICY calling at Constantinoplc {a mcrc 86,253 tons). In 1856, tLe British tonmgc had ris€n to 898,753,and thc number of ships from 432 to 2,504. In 1837, Britain aheady had the higbest number of shipscalling st Smyrna, the port at wlich many goods rvcrc landcd for ovcrland tDnsport to thc l4uphrates and Persi$. In 1838, the dccisivc Anglo-l'urkish tladilrg convention wss signed which gavc Britain'most favourcd nation'temrs in the r 'Shirts for thc Moslern rvorld' nov provided i'I'urkish crnpirc.

Th€ sedet soon became lcrown, but Nicholas had gained his reward. It is possible (it has been done, notably by Temperley and, recently, by M. S. Ande$on) to minimize the efrects of the seoet article and to suggest that Palme$ton came to exaggerete the e{telrt of the control Russia thereby gained ove! the Straits. But the fact remeins that, 'whenevel Russia was at war with Britain, she nolv knew thst her Black Sea coast was sale from British bombardment. This wes a guamnteed immunity that she h8d never previously enjoyed.

Palnerston was afraid thst, as the T6er's influence trt Constantinople incree6ed, Russia might in futue gain the ght to send her o*ar weNlrips through the Struits, so endangering Britain's control of the Meittelranean, It was not only Turkey who had pai

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