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Published via the yank Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.

Species within the genera Hyarachna, Echinozone, Pseudarachna, and Aspidarachna, all within the family members Hyarachnidae, are reviewed and seriously mentioned. A key to genera is gifted in addition to a desk of the species in each one genus from antarctic waters. The genus Echinozone is redefined on new specimens from Anvers Island. A precis of every species in Echinozone is integrated, and the genus is redefined. Pseudarachna is in brief mentioned, and a moment species is additional to the genus. within the family members Janiridae, Notasellus and Austrofilius are introduced out of synonymy at the foundation of specimens from Anvers Island, and the species of Iathrippa and Neojaera are mentioned with a serious evaluate of every species. The genera Nostasellus and Austrofilius are redefined. Ectias is redefined on specimens of the sort species from Anvers Island, and a species from South Africa is additional to the genus. Maps of the distribution of the various species are integrated.


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18. —Tattersall, 1921, p. —Nordenstam, 1933, p. —Stephensen, 1947, p. —Hale, 1937, p. —Wolff, 1962, p. 252. —Nierstrasz, 1941, p. 288. Four specimens, one male and three females, were taken from 'on a large leaf of Laminaria on the beach on Booth Island (Wandel Island) near Antarctic Peninsula. The largest specimen was 7 mm long, which remains the length record for the species. 0 mm long (USNM 45625)) were deposited in the Paris Museum. The small female was examined by the author and found to be identical with a speci­ men of comparable size from Anvers Island.

188, figs. —Nierstrasz, 1941, p. —Menzies, 1962a, p. —Wolff, 1962, p. —Kussakin, 1967, p. 306. 2 mm long from South Georgia. 8 mm long from South Georgia. It has been collected from shallow water to 700 m deep. 5 mm) from lie Kerguelen. Vanhoeffen illustrated large serrations on the lateral margins of the cephalon that were not present on the illustration of Jaera antarctica Pfeffer. Differences are also present in the structures of antennae 1 of the two illustra­ tions. Nordenstam 119301 recorded a single small male specimen from Isla Robinson Crusoe (Juan Fernandez Island) from 30-40 m deep.

Prolata 0. walleni 0. curvata 0. setosa 0. macilenta 0. pumilis 0. petila 0. rotunda 0. englishi Epicalymma schmitti E. umbonata Conaea rapax C. succurva C. hispida TABLE 4. Labrum (At Least 1 Tooth) Oncaea antarctica O. inflexa O. similis O. mediterranea O. illgi O. convexa O. bowmani O. compacta O. brocha O. olsoni O. damkaeri O. parila O. prolata O. walleni O. curvata O. setosa O. macilenta O. pumilis O. petila O. rotunda O. englishi Epicalymma schmitti E. umbonata Conaea rapax C. succurva C.

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