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Download PDF by G Nicolas, K J Bradford, D Come, H W Pritchard: The Biology of Seeds: Recent Research Advances

This e-book provides edited and revised papers from the 7th foreign Workshop on Seeds, held in Salamanca, Spain, in may well 2002. the major subject matters addressed comprise seed improvement, germination and dormancy, in addition to desiccation, seed ecology and seed biotechnology.

New PDF release: Root Hairs: Cell and Molecular Biology

Root hairs are tip-growing cells that originate from epidennal cells referred to as trichoblasts. Their function can be easily considered extending the outside zone of the basis to facilitate absorption of food and water. besides the fact that, as one can find during this ebook, the basis hair is way greater than that. To an more and more greater variety of plant biologists, the basis hair is a version telephone.

New PDF release: Advances in Enzymology and Related Areas of Molecular

Advances in Enzymology and similar components of Molecular Biology is a seminal sequence within the box of biochemistry, supplying researchers entry to authoritative stories of the most recent discoveries in all parts of enzymology and molecular biology. those landmark volumes date again to 1941, delivering an unmatched view of the old improvement of enzymology.

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