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By Bimal K. Matilal, Jaysankar Lal Shaw

We're thankful to the authors who wrote papers particularly for this quantity and kindly gave their permission for printing them jointly. None of those papers seemed wherever earlier than. Our detailed thank you are as a result first six authors who kindly replied to our request and agreed to hitch this new enterprise which we're calling 'comparative viewpoint' in ana­ lytical philosophy. within the introductory essay convinced salient issues from each one paper were famous basically to teach how 'com­ parative standpoint' might upload to, and be built-in with, mod­ ern philosophical dialogue within the analytic culture. desire­ much less to assert, any mistake, attainable mis-attribution or misrepresentation of the perspectives of the unique authors of the papers (appearing within the stated introductory essay) is solely the accountability of the writer of that essay. the writer apologizes if there was such accidental misrepresenta­ tion and insists that the readers may still depend on the orig­ inal papers themselves for his or her personal figuring out. For typo­ graphical difficulties it has no longer constantly been attainable to take advantage of the symbols initially utilized by the authors, yet care has been taken to take advantage of the correct replacement for every of them.

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Hence whatever the words designate must always be overtly or covertly related to other things designated by other words which figure in the composition of the sentence. Mere juxtapostion of two or more words, if they designate only isolated meanings, cannot give rise to our awareness of a WHOLE, a connected fact, where components are interrelated, and blend together as one. Hence the Prabhakara argues that 'relatedness' cannot be severed from what a word designates. The opposite view maintains that word-meanings are primarily isolated objects of this world because they are learned from hearing the sentence through a process of analysis, isolation, comparison and correlation with such objects.

But his formation rules require that * and Q always occur together and his model theory on p. 370 requires that they be evaluated together. *, for Skyrms, means 'is valid'. mapping from the sentences of LM to the sentences of LW such that: (i) If a is free of modalities then C(a) is a. (ii) If a is D~ then C(a) is L(C(~». (C(~», (C(~») (C ( ~ », ~C (~) • What it comes down to is that a formula of LM has 0 in those and only those places where a formula of LW has L. It would in fact be possible to do the whole thing in one language and let the difference reside entirely in the interpretations.

Lakl. and We must shew that (W,V) )=~ lia1 where R is the relation associated with 6. of R there are some But by definition in L. , and (W,V) F. O~l ... ~k. By the induction hypothesis where 1 ~ h ~ k for any yEW: 1~1 and so so ~1, ••• I. , ... , , ~k I~kl. = Y 1= ah iff (W,V) ~y an M. Y t= ~h iff (W,V) l=y ab M. (W,V) I=y ab (W,V) 1=. oa1 iff (W,V) Fy ... ak ~h iff (W,V) 1=. O~l . ~k WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF GOD so this means that MD"+1 R iff (W,V) F. oa! ak. In other words MD"+I"" oal ...

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