Adolescent Victimization and Delinquent Behavior by Erika Harrell PDF

By Erika Harrell

Harrell makes use of numerous waves of the nationwide adolescence Survey to degree no matter if Agnew s common pressure thought (GST) may possibly clarify the connection among adolescent victimization and delinquency. She examines the consequences of victimization on varieties of delinquency throughout racial and gender teams. the most premise of the GST, that elevated pressure in someone can result in elevated antisocial habit, is supported the following. Adolescent victimization, as a resource of pressure, raises antisocial habit. despite the fact that, the impression of adolescent victimization delinquency did differ throughout racial and gender teams.

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1993), 10 (Mouzakitis 1981; Rivera and Widom 1990; Widom and White 1997); 11 (Kaufman and Widom 1999; Maxfield and Widom 1996; Tyler and Johnson 2006; Widom 1989a; Widom 1989c; Widom et al. 1999) and 12 (Herrera and McClosky 2003; Kruttschnitt and Dornfield 1993; Smith and Thornberry 1995). Not surprisingly, in research claiming to look at the effect of adolescent victimization a few studies may look at victimization in youth whose ages may overlap with those who have operationalized these years as occurring in childhood.

2002), Thornberry et al. (2001) and Vissing et al. (1991) all specified that abuse prior to and including age 11 was considered childhood victimization and victimization occurring from age 12 to age 17 was considered adolescent victimization. At the extreme, in the literature are some authors who consider victimization that occurs from birth all the way into the teen years and also into the early twenties as childhood victimization (Dembo et al. 1987; Dembo et al. 1989; Dembo et al. 2000; Finkelhor 1979; Katz 2000; Kruttschnitt and Dornfeld 1993; Lemmon 1999; Locke and Newcomb 2004; McCord 1979, 1983; Pollock et al.

Smith and Thornberry (1995) used longitudinal data and studied official and self-report data regarding various types of delinquency and records of a child protection agency on a sample of youth in New York. They found that a history of victimization did increase the probability for subsequent violent offending, similar to the findings of earlier research. As with the research on general offending, most of this research on the effect of victimization on violent offending deals with victimization that occurs during the childhood years.

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