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A part of a language programme that teaches young ones to learn, this publication is certainly one of a chain of six at degree four which makes use of the Afro-Caribbean characters Wilf and Wilma to show language and studying suggestions.

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You don’t just say, ‘Oh, they’re rioting in such and such a place, and they’re hijacking there’, but you say, ‘What’s going on in those people and what’s going on here are related’. Relate what’s going on inside each person’s mind to the very objective thing they’re studying in the outside world. T: I wonder if it’s even essential to experience or to read about and see these dreadful things that are happening around, outside this place. Surely there’s enough to learn, on a different scale, maybe, right inside us.

T: You’re not saying that you’d like to see some long hair? K: No, I’m objecting as a new teacher. I don’t want to keep on telling the student, ‘Don’t, don’t, don’t’, or, ‘Do, do, do’. Even in the most polite way or reasonable way, I don’t want to do that. I want to find a different way of doing it, because that way again creates a habit. You follow? T: Well then, what you’re saying is that we’ve got to convey it to the student instantly. K: I don’t want to repeat; I want to tell him once and be finished with it.

T: It’s a big step. K: It is a big step. Make it. Get down to it. Do it. T: To be free of violence... K: Just a minute, sir. We are going to discuss together, talk it over with the students, as we are in the same boat, to be free of violence. T: When you step down from the pedestal, you’re free of the pedestal. You have no image about yourself. K: No, I haven’t started on that yet; I’m off the pedestal. T: Then you deal with violence. K: I deal with it. Because I’ve established a relationship in which we’re all together in this question; I’m not sitting on a platform telling them what to do.

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